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Who We Are

Gangadhara Exports is today one of the leading Granite, Indian Granite, Granite Slabs, Granite Tiles, Granite Plates, Marble, Slate, Quartzite manufacturer, exporter, supplier companies in India. No matter whether you are an architect, a contractor, an investor, or you run your own stone import company……you are at the right place and at the right time.The State-of-the-art-technology for Granite, Marble processing. The range of our products with good quality and competitive price which have made us one of the fastest growing company in India & globally. Gangadhara Exports group has extensive global presence with its own quarries & mining land having more than 15 colours across the north Indian States.

Marbles has long been known for its corporate values/ethics as well as its product quality and customer services. Gangadhara Exports has an extensive global presence. The great quality of our materials has been officially recognized. You can be sure whenever you invest here you receive a best level of satisfaction and customer service. Gangadhara Exports Marbles Company was established in 1985 for the purpose of providing best selection of natural stones including marble, granite & articles. Gangadhara Exports after gaining a long experience during his many years in mining and marble industry and he continues to lead his employees through expansions and innovative developments of the company.

Vision, Mission And Values

We are in a world that is seeing a change everyday. Gangadhara Exports operates with the full knowledge that the requirements and tastes are varying constantly making to look beyond and ahead to meet with the changing trends and the market forces. We are always equipped to meet up with all the challenges to give shape to our future business without compromising on the quality and professional ethics. We desire to be in the readiness to shape a better tomorrow today itself.


1.To serve and meet customers’ needs and expectations, the means of a Gift of Mother Nature, the Rock, transformed into quality finished products in marbles, granites, sandstones and Slate Stones.

2.To provide the best in terms of quality and reliability as a dependable source of suppliers.

3.To excel nurturing the great human values and be contributors for preserving the good human environment around us.

4.To offer entire range of our products at affordable prices giving all the impetus to quality and quantity.


1.To be recognised world over as one of the most reliable suppliers of best quality marbles, granite and decorative stones.

2.To be recognised as one of the industry leaders by our customers as the reliable wholesalers.


1.We run the business in the most ethical manner

2.We greatly contribute preserving human values and the environment surrounding us

3.We are dedicated to perform exceeding the expectations of all our clients

4.We have inculcated discipline and dedication in all that we do

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